Saawan… The Love Season (2006)

Movie Name: Saawan… The Love Season (2006)

Genre: 2006, Bollywood, Romance

IMDB Rating: 2.2/10

Movie Summary:

Born in Patiala, widower Fakirchand Kapoor lives a poor lifestyle with two daughters, the younger of which is Kajal, and collects recyclables and antiques (Bhangar) for a living. Saawan… The Love Season (2006) Cast Salman …


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1920 (2008)

Movie Name: 1920 (2008)

Genre: 2008, Bollywood, Drama, Hindi, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10

Movie Summary:

The year is 1920 and the house is isolated in the wilderness has a secret. It is waiting for the curse to come true. For years everyone who has bought the house and tried to …


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Ek Anhonee (2010)

Movie Name: Ek Anhonee (2010)

Genre: 2010, Bollywood, Hindi, Horror, Romance

IMDB Rating: 2.0/10

Movie Summary:

Genre: Thriller Format : Shot on RED Format Duration: 80 Min. Director: Dhiraj Kotkar Cast: Raj Singh Chaudhury Mauli Dave Neha Mishra When Joseph returns to his old house several years after the tragic death …


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Yeh Hai High Society (2005)

Movie Name: Yeh Hai High Society (2005)

Genre: 2005, Adult, Bollywood, Drama, Hindi, Romance

IMDB Rating: Hot

Movie Summary:

This is High Society. It is a story of a millionaire Rahul Khrana, who always enjoys the company of girls but himself dislikes the girls. Rahul appoints the private secretory’s and send them to his …


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Ek Chotisi Love Story (2000)

Movie Name: Ek Chotisi Love Story (2000)

Genre: 2000, Adult, Bollywood, Drama, Hindi, Romance

IMDB Rating: Hot

Movie Summary:

It is a story of 15-year-old Aditya (Aditya Seal) and his voyeuristic love of his nameless neighbor (Manisha Koirala) featuring bathroom masturbation scenes which are virtually unseen in Bollywood. Soon Aditya s hobby turns into …


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Koi Bach Na Payega (2008)

Movie Name: Koi Bach Na Payega (2008)

Genre: 2008, Adult, Hindi, Romance

IMDB Rating: Hot

Movie Summary:

A hot Film in Nirmal Pandey with Ehsan Khan, laxmi and Tanisha, where Nirmal Pandey is a Baba Who solves the problem of the gangsters for more Watch the movie Koi Bach Na Payega (2008) …


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C U at 9 (2005)

Movie Name: C U at 9 (2005)

Genre: 2005, Adult, Hindi, Mystery, Romance

IMDB Rating: Hot

Movie Summary:

C U at 9 revolves around Isaiah who is trapped and killed by Shweta a psychotic lover. And it all begins with a phone call from a hot female (Shweta) who begs a lustful Isaiah …


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